The secret behind custom bags

The secret behind custom bags
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  Thanks to the continuous popularity of personalized consumption and the practicality of shoulder bags and certain brand publicity, many companies nowadays will choose customized shoulder bags as corporate employee benefits gifts or customer gifts. And corporate custom shoulder bag, business procurement staff and ultimately deal with the custom price shoulder bag, after all, the company's budget is limited, to spend the least money to get the best backpack is the ultimate goal of the procurement staff. However, the custom price of the shoulder bag is influenced by many factors. If the purchaser does not understand the knowledge in this area, he or she may be pitted by the shoulder bag manufacturer, causing the total cost to exceed the budget. To this end, the following let Xiaobian tell everyone the secret behind the customized shoulder bag custom price, hoping to bring everyone help, take a look.
1, shoulder bag custom price affected by style
There are many styles of the shoulder bag, different styles are very different in their use and price, in general, the simpler the style, the simpler the production process, the shorter the production time, the lower the custom price, otherwise, the price will be higher a little. If an enterprise wants to customize a shoulder bag with a relatively complete function, the production process will be more complex and the customization price will naturally be higher.
The secret behind custom bags
2, shoulder bag custom price affected by the material
Material is an important factor affecting the custom price of the shoulder bag. There are many kinds of materials used to make the shoulder bag. The price difference between different materials is very large. In general, the material of the cloth is not required to open the mold. , but if it is EVA material shoulder bag, when the production must open the mold, mold can be proofed after the end, then the overall cost of EVA material shoulder bag will be higher than cloth, and cloth materials, wear and waterproof Such as performance will also affect the cost level, so corporate procurement personnel when customizing the shoulder bag should pay attention to choose the right cost-effective material according to the budget.
The secret behind custom bags
3, shoulder bags custom price is affected by the number of customization
As the saying goes, small profits but quick turnover, if a large number of custom-made shoulder bags, then most manufacturers will lower the price, because the number is more, the manufacturer's entire production cost control is more reasonable, there will be less waste, The production cost will be reduced, and manufacturers' prices will naturally be reduced. Moreover, many backpack manufacturers have to set a minimum requirement for customization cost for cost savings. If the order quantity fails to meet the relevant requirements, then manufacturers will not take orders to avoid doing business at a loss.
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