Backpack custom price is affected by what factors

Backpack custom price is affected by what factors
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As the saying goes, "Good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good." This is a certain truth. Many companies want products with good quality and low prices when customizing their backpacks. This is certainly unrealistic. After all, the costs are there and manufacturers cannot do business at a loss. So, what factors affect the backpack customization price? This is a lot of corporate procurement personnel are more concerned, because only understand the factors that affect the backpack customization price, budget control can be more reasonable. Let Xiao Bian take everyone to understand this knowledge.
1, backpack material
Backpack material is the main influencing factor of manufacturer's quotation. There are many kinds of backpack materials. The quality of the backpack made of different materials is not the same. A good material can definitely make a high-quality backpack, but the price is relatively high. Therefore, the backpack material is different, the manufacturer's offer will certainly be different, even if the style of the same backpack, as long as the material is different, the quote will be different. Therefore, companies do not see manufacturers in the purchase of a higher price, they feel that you are in the pit, the key must first understand what is the material of the backpack, to purchase the right price and quality of the backpack.
Backpack custom price is affected by what factors
2, backpack style
The complexity of backpack styles is also an important factor for manufacturers' quotation, because different styles are used in the production of different processes, the more complex the style, the more elaborate production process, the longer the production time, the higher the production cost, On the contrary, the lower the production cost. The custom backpack is produced according to the customer's needs. If the customer wants a more complete backpack style, the production cost will be higher, and the manufacturer's offer will naturally increase.
Backpack custom price is affected by what factors
3, backpack custom quantity
The number of custom backpacks is also one of the factors that influence the manufacturers' quotation. In general, the higher the customization quantity, the lower the manufacturer's quotation. If the number of custom backpacks is large, the entire production cost control of the manufacturer will be more reasonable, and wasteful situations will be reduced. The production cost will be reduced and the manufacturers' prices will naturally be reduced. Moreover, many backpack manufacturers have to set a minimum requirement for customization cost for cost savings. If the order quantity fails to meet the relevant requirements, then manufacturers will not take orders to avoid doing business at a loss.
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