Backpack custom logo common several production processes

Backpack custom logo common several production processes
      Many times, because of a promotion or company anniversary, a larger company will customize some backpacks as employee benefits distribution or promotional activities. At this time, the logo of the company will often need to be used to promote the company's image. So, what are the main methods for a backpack custom logo?
       Let's briefly talk about which of the following methods are commonly used for backpack custom logos:
      1, backpack custom logo silk screen
           This is the most affordable method, but also to do more with the method, do a good job directly on the screen version of the required graphics and colors through the screen printing oil spill on the backpack above. Because this process is simple and affordable, it has been the most widely used.
      2, backpack custom logo embroidery
           Embroidery is more upscale than silk screen printing and is generally used as a company to send customers or giel employees to provide benefits. Because the embroidered logo has a strong three-dimensional appearance and a rounded appearance, it is a relatively high-end production process, and its price is relatively high.
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Backpack custom logo common several production processes

      3, backpack custom logo plastic wheat
           This is our most common, whether it is low-grade goods or high-end brand goods will be useful, it is to use the mold to rubber or silicone compression logo, and then through the sewing technology or glue to fix it on the backpack.
      4, backpack custom logo metal nameplate
           This is generally found on slightly higher-grade backpacks. The logo is usually corrosion or die-cast. Many metallic backpacks like this one.
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