How to distinguish leather and artificial leather

How to distinguish leather and artificial leather
1, distinguished by smell

    Although various kinds of leather goods are processed through many procedures in the processing process, they still leave a very strong fur after they are finished. However, the artificial leather products smell like a plastic.

2, feel the way to identify

    In the purchase of leather products, people may wish to touch a few more products at the same time, and then properly bend the surface of the leather to see the flexibility and crease uniformity of the leather. In the case of the dermis, the recovery is good, and the folds produced in different parts of the fold are uneven, and the artificial leather is poorly restored.

3, visual identification

    According to the introduction of the quality inspection manager of Guangzhou Leather Factory, the surface pattern of leather leather is different from the size of the pores. The animal fibers can also be seen on the side of the leather. The surface of the leather is scratched and the leather fibers are erected. If the artificial leather is not pored, or the pores are uniform, the pattern is similar. .
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