5 kinds of clutch bag to take law, the fifth kind you do not know

5 kinds of clutch bag to take law, the fifth kind you do not know

What is the single product that you want to ask down to IN? The answer must be: hand bag! You will find frequently appearing clutches inside and outside the show in recent years. Fashion bloggers have almost one person on the street when they shoot. They demonstrated with their body and told us that as long as we have a full clutch, any scene can hold!
5 kinds of clutch bag to take law, the fifth kind you do not know
So, when you are still carrying the big Tote crowded into the subway, the clutch bag has silently occupied the fashion circle, and it has become must have. Then the question is, how must such a popular clutch bag be used? As a lili who is a loyal fan of handbags, you have prepared 5 kinds of good bags for you.
5 kinds of clutch bag to take law, the fifth kind you do not know
Take a method: one-handed capture method
Action points: hands open to capture the edge of the body, both hands naturally hang down
Advantages: nature
This method is commonly used in street shooting. With the opening of the body, the contents of the bag are not easy to drop. You can go out at a glance.

Take the second method: palm capture method
Action points: palms naturally grab the bag from bottom to top
Advantages: Atmosphere

Get Law 3: Book Takes Package
Action points: arms slightly bent, one hand to grab the body and put it to the chest
Advantages: elegant and confident
It should be noted that when using this method, you should try to choose a package that is thicker and has a stronger three-dimensional feel. It will look better.

Take Law 4: Hanging with Bags
Action points: use a hand strap to buckle the wrist, or through the handle to hold the bottom
Advantages: slight sense of cavity
Most clutch bags will be designed to be hand-held or hand-pull, both practical and decorative. When you take the bag, you can choose to take the bag according to the portable situation. The important thing is to be natural, comfortable and not awkward.

Take method five: folding bag method
Action points: roll the bag and grab it by hand
Advantages: Capable of casual cool
The premise of this bag-taking method is that the package material is soft enough. Of course, you may find that the disadvantage is that you can't put too many items into the bag. However, sometimes fashion does not pay attention to practicality, and the visual beauty can make up for anything.
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